68319: Acronis Cyber Protect: Troubleshooting failing "Updating Cyber Protect definitions" activities

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    Last update: 04-04-2023


    Under Activities tab, you see one or more failed activities "Updating Cyber Protect definitions":

    Activities can fail with "Failed to download NGMP definitions", "Failed to download VA definitions", "Failed to update definitions" and similar messages.


    Make sure the following prerequisites are met:

    1. At least one agent has enabled the option "Use this agent to download and distribute patches and updates" (Updater role). To enable or assign the role, navigate to Settings -> Agents, select the machine, click Details, then enable the corresponding switch in the Cyber Protection definitions section:

    2. Machine(s) with enabled Updater role have Internet access when activities are running.

    3. Network connection between machines works correctly: other machines in the environment can reach agent(s) with the assigned Updater role within the network. Firewall settings allow other agents to download from the Updater machine.


    To pinpoint the root cause, you need to review logs from the affected machine that is specified in the "Device" line of the activity details. The logs are located under ProgramData\Acronis\Agent\var\log\atp-downloader on Windows machine and /opt/acronis/var/log/atp-downloader on Linux

    1. Check if the agent with Updater role has been de-registered in the console, or its IP address has been dynamically changed. 

    2. Make sure that Acronis Agent Core service (aakore.exe) is running on the agent machine, and it is not stopped during definitions update for some reason.

    3. Acronis CDN (dl.acronis.com) should be accessible from the device. This is the source from where definitions are downloaded.

    If suggested steps didn't help reveal the root cause, collect system report from the affected agent machine and contact Acronis support.