68145: How to check whether Acronis DLP (Data loss prevention) Agent is causing issues

    Last update: 04-05-2022


    This article describes the steps necessary to check whether Acronis DLP (Data loss prevention) Agent is causing critical issues (BSOD e.g.)

    The idea is to deactivate or uninstall DLP Agent to test system without DLP Agent running.

    If the issue continues without DLP Agent running, it means that Acronis DLP Agent is not the root cause ==> and other Acronis components or third-party software should be deactivated to localize the problem.

    If the issue cannot be reproduced without DLP Agent running and comes back with it's activation ==> it may indicate that the issue is related to Acronis DLP Agent.

    Deactivating Acronis DLP Agent (Data loss prevention module in Acronis Cyber Protect)

    On the protected workload:

    1. Run Command Prompt as Administrator:

    2. Execute the following command to stop the DLP Agent:

    "C:\Program Files\BackupClient\DeviceLock\dlservice" -e

    where C:\Program Files\BackupClient\DeviceLock\ is the default installation folder of Agent for Data Loss Prevention in Acronis Cyber Protect.

    3. Change the startup type of DeviceLock Service to Manual and click OK.

    4. Reboot the computer and check the issue.

    Uninstalling Acronis DLP Agent (Data loss prevention module in Acronis Cyber Protect)

    Method 1

    1. Uninstall DLP Agent from the problem machine:

    • From the GUI:

    To uninstall Acronis DLP Agent, run Cyber Protect Agent installer on the problem machine, choose Modify installed components, deselect Agent for Data Loss Prevention flag, and click Next to modify the current installation.

    • Using the command-line on the protected machine (applicable for Acronis Cyber Backup edition specifically):

    To uninstall Acronis DLP Agent from the protected workload, use the following command:

     <installer.exe> --remove-components=agentForDlp --quiet 

    2. Reboot the computer and check the issue.

    Method 2

    1. Locate the protection plan where the Device control or Data loss prevention module is activated

    2. Deactivate the Device control or Data loss prevention module

    3. The Agent for Data Loss Prevention will be automatically uninstalled once Device control and Data loss prevention modules are disabled in the protection plan applied to a workload.