68076: Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud: How to find group ID

Last update: 17-03-2021


You need to know the group ID of a customer tenant.


  1. In the Management portal, navigate to Clients.
  2. Click to select the customer you need.
  3. Look at the group_id parameter in the URL. You need the ID, not the UUID. To get the ID displayed you might need to click another customer and then click this customer once again.
    group_id that you need UUID that you don't need

Alternatively, you can see the group ID using developer tools interface in your browser when working in the service console:

  1. In the Management portal, select the customer and click Manage service.
  2. Press F12.
  3. Navigate to Disaster Recovery -> Servers.
  4. In the Network tab of the developer tools, look for group_ID.