68011: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Error "The IP X.X.X.X does not belong to any of available networks.”

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Last update: 20-12-2022


1. A network is assigned to the nodes interfaces having IPs belonging to different subnets as may be seen in WebCP > Infrastructure > Networks, e.g.:

2. On attempt to manage the network (traffic types, access rules, network configuration) the following error is being observed:

The IP "X.X.X.X" does not belong to any of available networks

where IP address from the error belongs to one of the nodes.


By design, only interfaces having IPs withing the same subnet should be assigned with the same network.


The handling of scenarios with multiple subnets per single network entity is planned to be improved in scope of the future versions of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure.

In current implementation the following options are possible to resolve the error:

  • Option 1 - Edit network interfaces of nodes to configure IPs in the same subnet in scope of single network, make sure to have interfaces are physically connected to proper network segments. 
  • Option 2 - Re-assign network to another interface on the node having IP configured from the same subnet;
  • Option 3 - Create a new networks with the required traffic types configured and assign separate network to interfaces in separate subnets in cluster.

Eventual set up implies that each network will be associated with the single separate subnet, e.g.: