67900: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Activity fails with "Failed to connect to the Agent Core service on this machine"

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    Last update: 26-04-2023


    Activity (refreshing location, deleting archives, etc.) finishes with error:

    Failed to connect to the Agent Core service on this machine


    Cloud components cannot connect to the Agent Core service on the agent side.


    1. Make sure that Acronis Agent Core service (aakore) is running on the agent machine,
    2. If Acronis Agent Core service is running, but the error reproduces, restart the service,
    3. For Agent builds before 26077: check that the required port is not blocked by another application. By default, Acronis Agent Core service uses port 9999. See Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: how to change port 9999

      (!)  This is not required if you did a clean installation of build 26077 or higher because Agent Core service uses a dynamic port starting from Agent build 26077,

    4. Verify connection from the Agent machine to Acronis Datacenters: see Connection Verification Tool for download link and instructions. Check the report of the tool and see whether all hosts were successfully accessed. If there are any problems the tool will tell you on which port the connection failed.

    If suggested troubleshooting steps do not help, collect system report from the affected Agent and contact Acronis Support with a reference to this article.