67799: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Login to WebCP fails with "Service unavailable" error

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    Last update: 10-01-2023


    Login to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure (ACI) WebCP fails with the message Service unavailable:

    Or in case of older ACI versions with the message Service disabled:


    If you have just restarted the Management node, wait several minutes until all services start and try again. If it is confirmed that the node is fully booted, proceed with further checks.

    “Service unavailable/disabled” error on WebCP login attempt means that nginx service listen on port 8888 on the node, but local vstorage-ui-backend.service is not processing the requests.

    Management node High Availability check

    In case if Management node high availability (HA MN) is enabled, double-check which node is the primary one in configuration at the moment with CLI.

    Check status of HA MN configuration using the following vinfra command:

    # vinfra cluster ha show

    it will be required to enter password of admin user for WebCP, example output:


    • ha_cluster_location - address for WebCP login with High Availability Virtual IP (HA VIP);
    • nodes and hci_hostnames - the list of nodes included into HA MN configuration;
    • the node with is_primary: true attribute is the one currently running  UI backend service;
    • primary_node_location - address for WebCP login with direct IP of current primary MN;
    • virtual_ips - HA Virtual IPs assigned on primary MN.

    Verify the IPs and try login WebCP again using the HA VIP (ha_cluster_location) and direct IP of primary node (primary_node_location) . 

    HA VIPs are expected to be assigned on the loopback interface of the primary Management Node, can be checked by ip command:

    # ip a l lo

    example output:

    In case of UI backend service issues vinfra command will be failing with 50X error, e.g.:

    [root@aci-node-01 ~]# vinfra cluster ha show
    Authentication user 'admin' on https://backend-api.svc.vstoragedomain:8888:
    502 Server Error: Bad Gateway for url: https://backend-api.svc.vstoragedomain:8888/api/v2/login (Bad Gateway)

    Proceed with further service status checks to investigate UI backend issue.

    UI Backend status check

    The service vstorage-ui-backend is expected to be enabled and active on the primary Management Node:

    # systemctl is-enabled vstorage-ui-backend && systemctl is-active vstorage-ui-backend

    For more details check service status:

    # systemctl status vstorage-ui-backend

    Example output on primary Management Node:

    Example output on non-primary Management Node:

    In case if service is in failed status, proceed with logs investigation.

    UI Backend service logs

    62963: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: logs location

    The following may be checked in case of UI backend service issues:

    1. System log messages:

    • journalctl -u vstorage-ui-backend
    • /var/log/messages

    2. Management node logs:

    • /var/log/vstorage-ui-backend/messages.log
    • /var/log/vstorage-ui-backend/celery*.log

    3. HA MN related logs:

    • /var/log/vstorage-ui-backend/ha.log

    More information

    In case of issues with UI Backend service and assistance with resolving is required - contact Acronis Support with collected information and logs in accordance with the steps in this article.