67745: Acronis Cyber Backup, Acronis Cyber Protect: How to change credentials for managed location on network share

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Last update: 31-12-2020


You have created a managed location with a network share as backend.

Credentials for this network share have changed, or you just want to switch to another user.


To change credentials for the managed location on the network share, delete the location and add it again with new credentials:

  1. Go to Backups -> Locations, select the necessary location, and click Delete in the menu on the right. Location will be removed from the list.
    Removing managed location does not delete the backups stored inside
  2. Add the location again: click Add location, and specify a name and path for the managed location. When asked to provide credentials for accessing the managed location, provide new credentials. 

    If you specify the path to the folder where a managed location existed previously, Management Server will retrieve the deduplication/encryption/catalog settings automatically:

More information

The possibility to change credentials without re-adding the location will be added in the future versions of the product.