67442: Acronis DeviceLock DLP: How to uninstall DeviceLock Agents from client computers

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Last update: 30-03-2021

This article describes all possible methods to uninstall DeviceLock Service from the controlled computers.

Common recommendations

Check Enable Default Security flag in DeviceLock Service Options-> DeviceLock Administrators window in the clients' policy before the uninstallation (recommended, but not mandatory).

If Enable Default Security flag is not checked, uninstallation must be performed under a user account from the list of DeviceLock Administrators.

If access to the account(s) from DeviceLock Administrators list has been lost, please refer to the following KB.

If Enable Default Security flag is checked, the uninstallation must be performed under a user account with local Administrator privileges.


DeviceLock Agents can be uninstalled from client computers using one of the following methods:

  • From multiple client computers, or from computers within the selected Organizational Units (OU) in AD/LDAP with the Monitoring Task of DeviceLock Enterprise Server which has Remove DeviceLock Service automatically flag checked.
  • From multiple computers, selected OU, or entire domain with AD Group Policy, see Remove a Package paragraph.
    Applicable only if DeviceLock Service was installed to client computers by the same Group Policy Object.
  • From multiple computers by scanning them with Uninstall Service plug-in of DeviceLock Enterprise Manager
  • On each client computer locally through Control Panel-> Programs and Features-> select DeviceLock Service from the list of installed programs, right click on it and select Uninstall option.
  • On each client computer locally by executing the following command with local Administrator privileges, where C:\Program Files\DeviceLock Agent\ is the default installation folder for DeviceLock Service:

"C:\Program Files\DeviceLock Agent\dlservice.exe" -u

Not applicable if Enable Default Security flag was not checked prior to uninstallation, even if the current user belongs to DeviceLock Administrators group.