67385: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure storage cannot be added as backup location after successful registration on Acronis Management Server

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Last update: 14-05-2021


1. Backup storage was created with Acronis Cyber Infrastructure (ACI) and registered in Acronis Management Server (AMS) with some DNS name specified during configuration, e.g.:

2. Registered Acronis Cyber Infrastructure backup storage is listed in AMS > Settings > Storage Node tab:

3. On attempt to add this Acronis Cyber Infrastructure as a new backup location backup in AMS location does not appear in the list without any error in UI or location creation fails with an error similar to:

Error creating vault


Acronis Management Server machine is unable to connect Backup Gateway service on Acronis Cyber Infrastructure via DNS FQDN name specified during Acronis Cyber Infrastructure backup storage configuration on port 44445 to complete location creation.


1. Check accessibility of storage on port 44445 from AMS using telnet utility, examples of connection tests from Linux-based machines:

  • Domain name cannot be resolved to IP:

[root@ams ~]# telnet backup-gateway.local 44445
telnet: backup-gateway.local: Name or service not known
backup-gateway.local: Unknown host


  • DNS name is resolved to certain IP, but this IP is not accessible over the network:

[root@ams ~]# telnet backup-gateway.local 44445
telnet: connect to address No route to host


  • DNS name is resolved to certain IP, but port 44445 is not accessible:

[root@ams ~]# telnet backup-gateway.local 44445
telnet: connect to address Connection refused

and from Windows machines:

PS C:\Users\Administrator> telnet backup-gateway.local 44445
Connecting To backup-gateway.local...Could not open connection to the host, on port 44445: Connect failed

2. Check network side for possible firewall limitations in case if Acronis Cyber Infrastructure node(s) cannot be accessed over the network from AMS machine by IP on 44445 port.

3. Make sure that the DNS FQDN name that you have entered while setting up the Acronis Cyber Infrastructure backup storage is fully functional and able to be resolved within your environment. Additional information on how to test FQDN name functionality can be found in this MS article.

 Optionally you can use a workaround and perform the following steps on Acronis Management Server and all Acronis Agent machines within your environment for manual mapping of DNS name to required IP:

  • Windows:

1)  Press Start > type: Notepad > right-click on it > Run as Administrator;

2)  File tab > Open > navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ > open "hosts" file;

3) Add IP's  addresses and FQDN's of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure and Acronis Management Server machines, e.g.:

4) Save changes.

  • Linux:

Log in under 'root' user and add mapping of required IP to DNS name into /etc/hosts file, e.g.:

[root@ams ~]# sudo echo ' backup-gateway.local' >> /etc/hosts

After ensuring that DNS name of storage may be resolved and can be accessed from AMS on port 44445 over the network, open Acronis Management Console and re-attempt adding the Acronis Cyber Infrastructure backup location.