67318: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Login to web interface fails with "Access from your IP address is not allowed"

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Last update: 04-03-2021


You have Logon control enabled for your tenant (unit/company). Your IP address has changed, for example, your company moved to another location or you changed your Internet provider.

When trying to access the web interface (Management Portal or Cyber Protection Console), you get this error:

Access from your IP address is not allowed.


With Logon control you have limited access to the web interface by specifying a list of IP addresses from which the users are allowed to log in. You new IP address in not on the list.


Contact a "higher level" administrator, it could be your company administrator or service provider (partner-level account), and request adding your new IP address to allowed IP addresses. An administrator of a higher level can access the Logon control setting for your unit/company and adjust it.

If you still need help after contacting the upper level administrator, please provide the following information to Acronis support:

  • written confirmation from the tenant administrator (unit/company/partner level depending on the affected tenant) for this change request
  • Group Name/group_ID
  • new IP address