67306: Acronis True Image (Mac): Mac keeps restarting if Acronis True Image is installed in macOS Big Sur Beta

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Operating Systems: 

Last update: 26-11-2020


Acronis True Image installed on macOS 11 Big Sur Beta causes kernel panic during boot that leads to cyclic reboots.

Kernel panic is a situation when Mac encounters a system error and keeps restarting unexpectedly with a warning message "You need to restart your computer".


Lack of compatibility due to a major shift in macOS architecture.

If you already encountered the issue, follow the instructions below. If you plan to upgrade to Big Sur Beta, it is recommended to install Acronis True Image 2021 Update 1 (Build 30960) before upgrading to avoid issues.

Note that this issue does not reproduce with the commercial version of macOS 11 Big Sur.


As a result of the below procedure, all third party kernel extensions will be disabled. You will need to reenable them in System Preferences
  1. Boot to macOS Recovery.
  2. Run Terminal.
  3. Enter the  following command:

     kmutil trigger-panic-medic --volume-root /Volumes/<YourVolumeName>


    kmutil trigger-panic-medic --volume-root /Volumes/Mac\ HD

    To find the volume name run mount command in Terminal and find Mac HD, Macintosh HD. Alternatively, run diskutil list and look for volume name that has a name with ‘<VolumeName> - Data’ format.

  4. Restart your Mac.

  5. Install Acronis True Image 2021 Update 1 (Build 30960). See Downloading the latest build of Acronis software.

  6. Reenable the kernel extensions for Acronis True Image, and for other software, if needed (the same procedure that was done when the product was first installed):

    • open Apple System Preferences -> Security & Privacy->Select the General tab.

    • in case general settings are locked: Click the "lock" icon in the lower-left corner. Enter your device password. Click Unlock.

    • click Allow next to kernel extensions that require approval.

More information

Please note that we do not guarantee flawless functionality on macOS Big Sur Beta. Acronis is actively working on full compatibility with the release version of macOS Big Sur. We strongly recommend you wait until Big Sur is released and is no longer a beta version.