67222: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Mac backup fails with "Unsupported file system"

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Last update: Mon, 2020-10-19 13:18


You have Acronis Agent installed on the Boot Camp partition. Backup fails with this error:

| Error 0x70010: Unsupported file system
| LineInfo: 0xf8c5efcdc115d5e0
| File: d:\204\core\resizer\generic\unsupported.cpp:24
| Function: resizer::UnsupportedFSProcessor::ReadControlStructures
| $module: disk_bundle_vsa64_16327
2020-09-10T19:00:25:461+02:00 12204 I0007002E: Error 0x7002e: Forced sector-by-sector mode.
| LineInfo: 0x8ba4fa0bac28c293
| File: d:\204\core\resizer\archive3\backup_partition.cpp:1344
| Function: resizer::Archive3ImageBuilder::BackupPartitions
| volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume2
| fstype: APFS
| $module: disk_bundle_vsa64_16327


Boot Camp partition is not a virtual machine, and its file system is not isolated: the whole Mac hard drive is visible from the Disk Manager. Agent for Windows, however, does not support APFS file system.


Use Agent for Mac to back up entire machine.

To back up only Windows data with the Agent for Windows, select only the Windows related volumes: C, recovery and boot partition.