67143: WhatsApp Desktop issues on DeviceLock controlled computers

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Last update: 25-02-2021


After installing DeviceLock Agent on computers, the following issues may occur with WhatsApp Desktop application: 

  • authorization is not possible because WhatsApp application shows empty window
  • authorization is possible, but WhatsApp application fails to send messages and outgoing files are not controlled despite the applied DLP policy
  • auditing and shadowing are not working for outgoing messages (outgoing files, and incoming messages and files are not affected)


This issue can be solved by applying the hotfix bundle (see below).

This hotfix is applicable only to DeviceLock 8.3.80886 version, and up to WhatsApp Desktop version 2.2039.9!

If WhatsApp application version is newer than 2.2047.13, then to resolve the issue DeviceLock must be updated to version 8.3.90132 or higher.

  1. Close all DeviceLock consoles on the management server.
  2. Import the attached ActivateNLConfigBundle.reg file.
  3. Open your actual DLP policy file (*.dls) in DeviceLock Service Settings Editor: a new parameter named NetworkLock Configuration Bundle will appear in the Service Options.
  4. Double-click on NetworkLock Configuration Bundle, click browse [ ... ] button, and select NLConfigBundle.nlb.
  5. Save the changes in the policy file and deploy it to client computers the usual way.
  6. Reboot client computers for the changes to take effect.