67084: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Incorrect disk layout in Hyper-V VM after restore or instant restore from a disk-level backup

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Last update: Wed, 2020-09-09 14:13


You create a backup plan of a Hyper-V virtual machine using Agent for Hyper-V (agent on the host). In What to back up, you select Disks/volumes and then select individual disks or volumes you want to back up.

When you recover this VM or use the 'Running a virtual machine from a backup (Instant Restore)' feature, you notice that disk layout does not correspond with the original machine.


Issue in the product.


Acronis development team is working on the issue.

Meanwhile, please use 'Entire machine' backup level: in What to back up, select Entire machine. Instant Restore works correctly from this backup.

Alternatively, you can restore the entire machine from a backup created on 'Disks/volumes' level. See this article for step-by-step guidance.