67071: Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud: Failback fails with "Internal error. Please try again later or contact support."

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Last update: 12-01-2021


You initiate a failback. On the backing up stage of the failback, you receive this error:

Internal error. Please try again later or contact support.

In task information (Ctrl+Rightclick), you see this error:
"msg": "Task [991188607987351552] of type [dr_vm_backup] has failed with result [{'domain': 'RunVMAgent', 'code': 'UnknownError', 'reason': 'multiple abr vaults found'


Issue in the product. An obsolete cloud data store is detected.


You can see the erroneous location in the list of backup storages: it has a number instead of a name (normally, a location name matches one of the existing end users names) and you have not created this location. Remove the erroneous location:

  1. In Cyber Protection Console, navigate to Backup Storage.
  2. Find the location and click the cross (x) icon to delete it.
  3. Confirm your choice by clicking Delete.

 Retry the failover.