66643: Acronis DeviceLock DLP: Resolved - "NOTE: This function is not licensed..." error message when editing a monitoring task

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Last update: 20-01-2021


The following error message appears when you try to add a .DLS master policy file for a new or existing DeviceLock Enterprise Server monitoring task (both "Verify Service Settings" and "Restore Service Settings" flags checked):

"NOTE: This function is not licensed. You must purchase a NetworkLock license to load this file. Would you like to visit DeviceLock's home page and purchase a license at this time?"

*"Protocols" section settings as well as "Protocols blocked message" parameter in "Service Settings" remain in 'Not configured' state.


The message appears when there is no valid license for NetworkLock installed.This known issue is fixed in version 7.1.40711.


Update to the lastest version of DeviceLock (7.1.40711 or higher).