66640: DeviceLock DLP: Licensing terminal sessions

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Last update: 29-07-2021


This article contains information on DeviceLock DLP licensing in ANY Terminal Server environment.


Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) is a component of the Windows Server operating systems, while Citrix XenApp (Presentation Server) uses this system component and extends it or facilitates scalability and administration.

A terminal session is a user's operating environment when logging onto a Windows Terminal Server, with or without Citrix Presentation Server, from the user’s computer or any other device. Each terminal session is assigned a per-server, unique ID at logon.

DeviceLock DLP in Terminal Server environments is licensed by the maximum number of simultaneous terminal sessions to a Terminal Server.

The Single license gives the right to control one terminal session at a time only. In order to be able to control several terminal sessions, the appropriate number of Single licenses should be purchased.

For example, if the maximum number of simultaneous terminal sessions (i.e. connections) to the Terminal Server during peak hours equals to (and does not exceed) 100, then 100 single licenses must be purchased for this Terminal Server. The number of terminal sessions (connections) to the Terminal Server is counted, not users! Thus, if the same user connects to the Terminal Server from two different devices, that would take two licenses, not one.

DeviceLock Service running on the Terminal Server stores the maximum number of simultaneous terminal sessions registered within 24 hours, and reports this information to DeviceLock Management Console and to DL Enterprise Server, which will then be displayed as the number of used licenses in the DeviceLock license(s) window.

If the maximum number of simultaneous terminal sessions registered by DeviceLock Service on the Terminal Server exceeds the number of licenses installed, DeviceLock Management Console will return a warning message upon connection to this DeviceLock Service, and DeviceLock Enterprise Server will stop collecting information from this Terminal Server with the error DeviceLock Enterprise Server is not licensed to process more computers. You must purchase %NUM% additional license(s) in the Server Log Viewer.

How to install and activate the licenses

The licenses must be installed and activated on the administrator's computer, that can be any computer with just DeviceLock Management Console installed on it, used for managing DeviceLock Service on the Terminal Server, and on DeviceLock Enterprise Server, if one is used for collecting data from the Terminal Server controlled by DeviceLock Service.