66496: Acronis DeviceLock DLP: "Fatal error during installation. (1603)" error either when installing DeviceLock Service via DeviceLock Enterprise Manager, or locally using 'Setup.exe' installer

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Last update: 01-02-2021


An attempt to install DeviceLock service on a computer with DeviceLock Enterprise Manager or 'Setup.exe' fails with "Fatal error during installation. (1603)" error.


The error indicates that Windows Installer Service has encountered an error which is preventing DeviceLock Agent installation.




1. Make sure that Windows Installer Service is started on problem computer(s) and that there is enough free space on the disk where DeviceLock Service is being installed to.

2. On computers running Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 user accounts from the local administrators group do not have full administrator permissions due to the system restrictions and thus cannot perform administrative tasks.
More information on this and how to disable this restriction can be found in the following MS article:

If Windows Installer service is running, and LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy=1 has been created on remote system, but the problem persists please generate DeviceLock installation logs using one of the provided registry files. Clear user temp directory %tmp%, and system temp directory '%WinDir%\TEMP' on the system where DeviceLock Agent is to be installed beforehand.

3.1. If installation is performed locally with DeviceLock Service.MSI file, please apply Installer_log.reg file on the computer where installation takes place, and generate installation logs using the following string from the location of 'DeviceLock Service.MSI' file, e.g.:

C:\Users\user_name\Desktop>msiexec /i "DeviceLock Service.msi" /l*vx install.log

Please send all *.log files from the %tmp% directory to us.

3.2. If installation is performed remotely with DeviceLock Enterprise Manager console's Install Service plug-in, apply the DLEM_remoteInstall_log.reg file on the computer where installation is run from, and restart DeviceLock consoles.

Reproduce the installation issue and collect DeviceLock installation logs:

  • On the computer, the installation is performed from: %ProgramFiles%\DeviceLock\Plugins\serviceinstall.log
  • On the computer where DeviceLock Service is being installed to: DLRI_XXXX.log and DLRI_XXXX_msi.log in the system %TEMP% ( %WinDir%\TEMP by default) or in the users %TEMP%  in case of local installation.

3.3. Compress all *.log files into an archive (ZIP/RAR) and contact DeviceLock support team to create new support case.