66463: Acronis DeviceLock DLP: How to set up DeviceLock Service to use a fixed TCP port, so that it could communicate with DeviceLock consoles

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Last update: 20-01-2021


This article comnains instructions on how to configure DeviceLock Service to use a fixed TCP port for communication with DeviceLock consoles.


By default, DeviceLock Service is using port 9132 for communication via DeviceLock consoles, making it easier to configure a firewall. But if this port was unavailable during DeviceLock installation, another port will be selected randomly.

To instruct DeviceLock Service to use a fixed port you should:

  1. Either reinstall DeviceLock Service specifying a fixed TCP port during installation, or
  2. Open Registry Editor on the computer controlled by DeviceLock Service, and create the following entry:
  • Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SmartLine Vision\DeviceLock
  • Name: ncacn_ip_tcp[port number]
  • Type: REG_SZ- Value: not used (can be empty)
  • Port number - the fixed TCP port number that you want to use for the communication between DeviceLock Service and DeviceLock management consoles

Once done, restart DeviceLock Service for the settings to take effect.

Now, to connect via DeviceLock consoles to the computer where DeviceLock Service was configured to use a fixed port , you should specify this port in square brackets next to the computer name, e.g. computer_name[port number].

Please note that when you connect to DeviceLock Service using a fixed port, the remote install/update function is disabled, i.e. you cannot install or update DeviceLock Service on remote computers without using dynamic ports. Also, Audit Log Viewer does not work if the TCP port 139 is closed in the firewall.