66439: Acronis DeviceLock DLP: How to install or upgrade an entire DeviceLock DLP environment

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Last update: 30-03-2021


This article describes the DeviceLock environment installation, or upgrade sequence. It is also applicable in cases when you're just upgrading an existing environment without adding any new elements (like new instances of DeviceLock Enterprise Server).

Common recommendations

  1. Upgrade sequence: DeviceLock Enterprise Server(s) and DeviceLock Management Consoles -> Clients.
  2. Enable Default Security flag in DeviceLock Service Options-> DeviceLock Administrators in the clients policy before the upgrade (recommended, but not mandatory).
  3. The newer version can be installed on top of the previous (overlay), without uninstalling prior version first.


It is recommended to begin installation of DeviceLock DLP complex with DeviceLock Server part and DeviceLock Consoles by running the Setup.exe file from installation package (choose Server + Consoles installation type). In case of upgrading - by installing the new version over the old one in order to keep the existing settings and configuration. After that proceed to installing or upgrading DeviceLock Agents on client computers using one of the following methods: