6633: Providing Acronis Support with Remote Desktop Access

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Last update: 25-03-2019

How to provide Acronis Support with remote access for troubleshooting purposes


In some cases you may be asked to provide remote desktop (RDP) access to your machine to investigate a possible issue with Acronis software.

An RDP connection is preferred over other types of connections, but an alternative such as VNC will also be suitable.



To provide Acronis Support with RDP access to your machine, please do the following:

  1. Enable remote access on the machine:
    • Click Start;
    • Right-click on My computer or Computer, and select Properties;
    • If you are running Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7, click Advanced system settings;
    • Click on the Remote tab;
    • Click Allow connections...:

    • Click Select Users...:

    • Select an existing user account by clicking Add... or create a new user account (e.g AcronisService) and then add it.
      If you create a new user account for remote access, please make sure it belongs to the Administrators group.

      (!) This user account must have a password.

  2. Set up port forwarding of Port 3389 (default). Please see portforward.com for detailed instructions.

    (!) In some environments Port 3389 may already be used. In such cases, you may change the RDP listening port.

    To change the default Port 3389 to a non-standard port, (e.g. 3390), please do the following:

    • Open Windows Registry Editor (Start-Run -> regedit);
    • Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\WinStations\RDP-Tcp
    • Scroll down to PortNumber:

    • Double-click on PortNumber and change the value to Decimal. Type in the new port number (e.g. 3390):

    • Click OK.
  3. Provide Acronis Support with the RDP access information:

    Your domain name (e.g. mydomain.com) or the public IP address (whatismyip.com);

    Full logon information:

    • Type: domain/local logon
    • Logon: username (e.g AcronisService)
    • Password: password

More information

Acronis Support ensures that the connection will only be used to troubleshoot Acronis products and the information will be kept confidential. Please see Acronis Privacy Statement for further details.

If you have difficulties with setting up the connection, please contact Acronis Support for assistance.