66241: DeviceLock DLP: System freezes incidentally. Shutdown takes too long after DeviceLock has been installed

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Last update: Tue, 2020-11-17 09:53


Experiencing incidental system freezes or shutdown taking too long after DeviceLock has been installed? We will need you to manually force your system to crash, in order to get a complete memory dump for further investigation. This article contains the how-to.


1. Set memory dump to "Complete memory dump".

To do this, please right-click "My Computer" icon at Desktop,=> "Properties" item in context menu=> select "Advanced" tab=> click "Settings" button in "Startup and Recovery", and select "Complete memory dump" in "Write debugging information" combobox.

2. Configure the system for dump generation using a combination of keystrokes, as described in this MS article: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff545499.aspx.

Restart your PC.

2. Wait for the moment when system freezes and generate the blue screen by holding down the rightmost CTRL key, and pressing the SCROLL LOCK key twice.

3. The system will go into BSoD.

Wait until the system writes the crash dump to the specified location (it is important that you do not manually reset your computer until it does).

Wait until the computer restarts, go to "Windows" folder (the dump is actually stored in the folder specified in "Startup and Recovery") and find the crash dump file "memory.dmp".

4. Compress the dump file to an archive (.zip) and upload it to ftp.devicelock.com.

*Contact DeviceLock support team (http://devicelock.com/support) for FTP server credentials.

**Please upload files to the FTP server using binary mode (refer to your FTP client documentation). Otherwise files are likely to get corrupted

***It is important that you set the type of the archive you compress the dump into, as ZIP.