66238: Acronis DeviceLock DLP, Acronis DLP (Device Control module of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud): Memory leaks

Last update: 11-05-2021


Got memory leaks on a computer with DeviceLock Service (the Agent of DeviceLock DLP or DLP module of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud) installed and running? In order to research the issue, we will need a process memory dump created with the Usermode stack trace database flag checked for DeviceLock Service executable file. This article contains the how-to.



Download the attached gflags.exe utility, then:

  • run the gflags.exe utility in graphic mode
  • open Image File tab, input dlservice.exe and press the Tab key on the keyboard
  • make sure that the Create user mode stack trace database flag is checked
  • and Enable Heap Tail Checking flag on the Image File tab
  • restart DeviceLock Service, wait for DLService.exe to take 1GB+ of RAM and send us a dump generated with Debugging Tools for Windows.