66064: Acronis DeviceLock DLP: "DeviceLock database has an unsupported format" error when installing DeviceLock Enterprise Server, or modifying its configuration in DeviceLock Enterprise Server options

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Last update: 20-01-2021


SQL Server connection configuration returns "DeviceLock database has an unsupported format" error either during the installation of DeviceLock Enterprise Server, or when configuring its options in DeviceLock Enterprise Server options.


The error may indicate that the database specified in 'Database name' parameter was created manually, and hence it is not supported by DeviceLock Enteprirse Server.


DeviceLock Database should be created by DeviceLock Enterprise Server. Please follow the installation wizard instructions, or connect to DeviceLock Enterprise Server via DeviceLock Management Console, open 'DeviceLock Enterprise Server' dialog, specify a name that is different from any of your existing database names in the 'Database name' field, so the server may create a new database. By default, DeviceLock Enterprise Server creates a database named 'DeviceLockDB'.