66010: Acronis DeviceLock DLP: ‘(1722) The RPC Server is unavailable’ error when connecting to a computer controlled by DeviceLock, to DeviceLock Enterprise-, or DeviceLock Content Security Server with DeviceLock Management Console

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Last update: 20-01-2021


DeviceLock Management Console returns ‘(1722) The RPC Server is unavailable’ error when connecting to a computer controlled by DeviceLock, or to DeviceLock Enterprise-, or DeviceLock content Security Server.


The error may indicate that the target computer either does not exist (e.g., a wrong name, or an IP address have been specified), or is not accessible. Another possible reasons include necessary services not started on the target computer, and firewalls blocking the exploited ports.


1. Make sure that the specified computer name is correct. Try to ping this computer by its name and IP address. Connect to it using any standard Windows administrative tool (such as Computer Management, Services and so on). In this test, try starting/stopping any service to make sure the account has enough privileges

2. Make sure the remote computer is working under a DeviceLock-compatible OS (Windows NT 4.0 SP6 and later)

3. Make sure that following services are running on the remote machine: RPC, Server, Remote Registry

4. It is possible that a firewall is blocking access to this computer. If true, then:

a. You would need to configure your firewall to allow some ports needed for DeviceLock. By default, DeviceLock Service, DeviceLock Enterprise Server and DeviceLock Content Security Server are using ports 9132, 9133 and 9134 thereafter

b. You could also instruct DeviceLock to use the fixed TCP port, making it easier to configure a firewall.

Note, that when you connect to DeviceLock Service using a fixed port, the remote install/update function is disabled, i.e. you can’t install or update DeviceLock Service on remote computers without using dynamic ports. Also, Audit Log Viewer doesn’t work if the 139 TCP port is closed on the firewall.

For more information, please refer to frequently asked questions http://devicelock.com/dl/faq.html

Also, please note that DeviceLock Service automatically adds itself to the exception list of Windows Firewall.