65884: Acronis DeviceLock DLP: Configuration - Resolving "The Service File Cannot be Opened" Message when Installing via DeviceLock Management Console

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Last update: 20-01-2021


‘The service file cannot be opened’ error when installing DeviceLock Service via DeviceLock Management Console. ‘DeviceLock Administrators’ functionality is enabled. DeviceLock Service is running on the computer an administrator is deploying it from.


Installing DeviceLock Service via DeviceLock Management Console requires special access to the service’s executable file (dlservice.exe or dlservice_x64.exe). However, ‘DeviceLock Administrators’ functionality when active is denying that knid of access to DeviceLock Service to any user. As a result, neither the management console, nor any other application is able to access the service’s executable file.


1. Keep DeviceLock Service idle on the DeviceLock consoles computer (used to manage DeviceLock)

2. Disable ‘DeviceLock Administrators’ functionality (enable ‘Default Security’) for this computer (a reboot may be required)

3. Prepare for this scenario:

a. Disable ‘DeviceLock Administrators’ functionality

b. Stop DeviceLock Service by executing ‘dlservice.exe -e’ or ‘dlservice_x64.exe -e’ command

c. Copy the service’s executable file to another location

d. Install DeviceLock Service via DeviceLock Enterprise Manager with the path to this new location set in the settings of ‘Install Service’ plug-in

e. Recover the configuration by starting up DeviceLock Service either by executing ‘dlservice.exe/dlservice_x64.exe -s’ command, or by connecting to it in DeviceLock Management console, and enabling back ‘DeviceLock Administrators’ functionality.