65866: Acronis DeviceLock DLP: Configuration - White Listing a Composite USB Device

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Last update: 20-01-2021


A composite (represented as a parent device with one or more child interface devices) USB device belonging to USB Devices White List, is not accessible.


The issue may indicate that ‘Control as type’ option has been activated for the white listed device. The issue in this case is caused by the fact that as soon as any (parent or child) device of a USB composite device is added to USB Devices White List, access control for all devices of the composite device is only disabled for the interface (USB Port) level. If a white listed device belongs to both interface (USB Port) and type (e.g., Removable) levels, and the ‘Control as type’ flag is checked when white listing the device, this may cause lack of permissions on the type level.


Either grant a user/user group allowing permissions on the type level, or uncheck the ‘Control As Type’ flag for child object(s) of the composite device. Note: When ‘Control As Type’ flag is disabled for a white listed device, neither Shadowing, nor Content-Aware Rules are applied to it.