65818: Acronis DeviceLock DLP: ‘Collecting data from <computer name> failed The RPC server is unavailable (1722) error in Server Log’

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Last update: 25-02-2021


DeviceLock Enterprise Server fails to collect data from remote computers with “Collecting data from <computer name> failed – The RPC Server is unavailable (1722)” error in the Server Log Viewer.


The error indicates that there are problems in RPC communication between DeviceLock Server and DeviceLock Service.

It may also indicate that the account used to run DeviceLock Enterprise Server service does not have administrative privileges in DeviceLock Agents.


1. Make sure that you are able to establish connection from the Server to the client computer using the machine name/IP address registered with 1722 error in the Server Log Viewer. Use standard Windows administrative utility Computer Management (compmgmt.msc snap-in) from Administrative Tools and make sure your access privileges are not read-only, i.e. try to start/stop any service in the Services snap-in, open Even Viewer and Device Manager (ALL of the listed).

2. Check that on the client computers:

  • Server and RPC Endpoint Mapper services are running
  • File and Printer sharing is enabled in the network adapter settings
  • Ports 9132 and 135 are opened in the firewall
  • Disable the firewall completely on clients for a test if the above mentioned ports are already opened

3. If DeviceLock Enterprise Server runs under account (see Server Options-> Service startup account) that is not included in the list of DeviceLock Administrators on clients, or is running under Local System - install DeviceLock Certificates for authentication on DeviceLock Agents.