65770: DeviceLock DLP: Configuration - Resolving "Access is Denied (5)" Message when Connecting via DeviceLock Management Console

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Last update: Tue, 2020-11-17 09:49


DeviceLock Management Console returns ‘(5) Access is denied’ error when connecting to a computer controlled by DeviceLock Service, or to DeviceLock Enterprise-, or DeviceLock content Security Server computers.


The error indicates that the account used for the connection does not have enough privileges on the target computer.


1. Make sure that the account used for connection does have local administrative privileges on the target computer. Try connecting to this computer using any standard Windows administrative tool (such as Computer Management, or Services), make sure that you are able to start/stop a services, enter Device Manager, Event Viewer sections. If you are not able to do it then check the following common reasons for this problem:

- ‘Simple File Sharing’ option is enabled (for Windows XP) on the remote machine

- Windows (or any third-party) firewall blocking connection attempts

- RPC and Remote Registry Services are not running on the target PC- File and Printer Sharing disabled

2. If ‘DeviceLock Administrators’ functionality is enabled, the account used must also belong to the list of DeviceLock Administrators

3. You may also need to run DeviceLock Management Console under a different user that can authenticate on the target computer as a local administrator.