65740: Acronis DeviceLock DLP: Information about AdditionDate table and converting CreationDate table data into date time format

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Last update: 20-01-2021


The "AdditionDate" table shows date (stored in common date-time format) when a file/record was added into DeviceLock Enterprise Server's Shadow/Audit Log Viewer.

The "CreationDate" table stores information (in WIN32 Filetime format) about the file/event creation date on the client.

This date is automatically converted by DeviceLock Enterprise Server into acceptable date-time format and put into the "Date/Time" column of DL Enterprise Server's Logs.


To convert "CreationDate" table information from Win32 Filetime format into date-time you can use the built-in dbo.DLFileTimeToDate function withing e.g. the following query:

SELECT dbo.DLFileTimeToDateTime(CreationDate) CreationDateTime FROM DLAuditLog

Specify additional parameters, e.g. EventId, Type, ProcessName, Pid into the query if necessary.