65692: DeviceLock DLP: How to resolve the issue of DeviceLock detecting authorized devices as keyloggers

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Last update: Tue, 2020-11-17 13:14


DeviceLock can wrongly detect some devices (especially composite ones) as keyloggers. This article contains instructions on overcoming the issue.


  • connect to the problem client computer with DeviceLock management Console
  • in the Service Options -> DeviceLock Administrators window->  check Enable Default Security flag
  • stop DeviceLock Service agent by executing the following command as Administrator: "C:\Program Files\DeviceLock Agent\dlservice.exe" -e
  • run Registry Editor (regedit.exe), open [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SmartLine Vision\DeviceLock] branch
  • create a multi-string value type parameter named AntiKeyloggerWhiteList
  • in the context menu of the parameter, select Modify...
  • add problem device DeviceID, one per line (without quotes), e.g.




DeviceID can be either just VID&PID or VID&PID\SerialNumber  (unique ID)
  • click OK and close Registry Editor
  • reboot the computer
The above how-to applies to version 7.1.41235 and later versions of DeviceLock.
Note: Starting from DeviceLock 7.2 version it is enough to add a USB device, which is false detected as keylogger, into USB Devices WhiteList.