65663: Acronis Cyber Protect 15: Windows services and processes

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    Last update: 24-05-2023

    The tables below list services and processes in Acronis Cyber Protect 15. 

    Acronis Agent service are listed for on-premises version of Acronis Agent. If you use Cloud deployment, see Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Windows Services and Processes for the list of Agent services instead.

    Acronis Cyber Protect 15 

    Name Purpose Process Account used by the service ** File location Database
    Port used by the service****
    Acronis Agent services
    Acronis Agent Core Authorization and routing requests for other components aakore.exe Local system C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Agent   \Agent\var\log\aakore\aakore.log 9999
    Acronis Scheduler2 Service Executes scheduled tasks on certain events schedul2.exe

    Child process:

    Local system C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\ N/A \Acronis\Schedule2 8081
    Acronis Active Protection Service Provides protection against ransomware active_protection_service.exe Local system C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\ \ActiveProtection \ActiveProtection\Logs 6109
    Acronis Managed Machine Service Provides backup, recovery, replication, retention, validation functionality mms.exe

    Child process:
    app_backup.exe (application-aware backup of VMs)

    Local system - by default

    If you want to use another account, refer to KB 56202

    C:\Program Files\Acronis\ \BackupAndRecovery\MMSData\DML \BackupAndRecovery\MMS 9850
    Acronis Removable Storage Management Service
    (in builds prior to Update 1)
    Manages tape devices arsm.exe Local system N/A in new builds \BackupAndRecovery\ARSM\Database \BackupAndRecovery\ARSM 9852
    43239 *
    Acronis Cyber Protect Agent Manages patch management, vulnerability assessment, antimalware protection and other security functions. adp-agent.exe Local system C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Agent\bin \Agent\var\atp-agent \Agent\var\log\atp-agent 9772
    Child processes
    task-manager.exe Local system C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Agent\bin N/A \Agent\var\log\task-manager\ 0
    atp-downloader.exe Local system   N/A \Agent\var\log\atp-downloader\ 6888, 18018, 18019
    Acronis Total Protect Scan Agent Antimalware backups scanning  scan-agent.exe Local system C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Agent\bin \Agent\var\atp-scan-agent \Agent\var\log\atp-scan-agent 9773
    Caching Registration Unit Manages certificates for communicating with storage caching-reg-unit.exe Local system C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Agent\bin N/A \Agent\var\log\crs 9866
    Cyber Protect Service Protects against malware cyber-protect-service.exe Local system C:\Program Files\Acronis N/A \CPS\Logs 6110
    GRPM Sync Unit Sync information about protection plans between AMS and Agent grpm-sync-unit.exe Local system C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Agent\bin \Agent\var\sync-unit\syncunit.db \Agent\var\log\sync-unit\sync-unit.log



    SW & HW Inventory Unit Software and Hardware inventory sh-inventory.exe Local system C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Agent\bin \Agent\var\sh-inventory



    Tib Mounter Service Allows to mount and explore .tib files tib_mounter_service.exe Local system C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\TibMounter64 N/A \TibMounterServiceLogs  
    Acronis Remote Agent Service Legacy service that provided connectivity between Acronis components agent.exe Local system C:\Program files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\Agent N/A N/A 9876
    Backup Monitor (not a service) Enables users to monitor backups outside the web interface. mmsmonitor.exe     N/A N/A  

    Acronis Hyper-V Virtual Machine watcher

    (part of Agent for Hyper-V)

    Monitors migrations of virtual machines across nodes of a Hyper-V cluster to provide consistent CBT information collection by the file tracker driver. HvVmWatcher.exe Local system   N/A \BackupAndRecovery\HvVmWatcher\watcher.0.log  
    Acronis Management Server services
    Acronis Scheduler2 Service Executes scheduled tasks on certain events schedul2.exe


    Local system C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\ N/A \ServiceManager\Logs 8081
    Child process:
    Acronis Service Manager Service Provides Acronis Management Server services functionality asm.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\ServiceManager\ N/A


    \ServiceManager\Logs 30500
    Child processes:
    api_gateway.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\ApiGateway N/A \ApiGateway\Logs 9877
    task_manager.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\TaskManager\ \TaskManager\ \TaskManager\Logs 30677, 53040
    vault_manager.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\VaultManager \VaultManager\ \VaultManager\Logs 30691
    catalog_manager.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\CatalogManager\ \CatalogManager\ \CatalogManager\Logs 30692
    account_server.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\AccountManager \AccountServer\ \AccountServer\Logs 30678, 30776
    scheduler.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\Scheduler\ \Scheduler N/A 30681
    scan_service.exe AMS user       30556
    acronis_notification_service.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\NotificationService\ N/A \NotificationService\Logs 30572
    ams_web_service.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\WebServer\ N/A \WebServer\Logs 30679
    update_service.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\UpdateService\ \UpdateService\ \UpdateService\Logs 53074
    cred-store.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\CredStore\ \CredStore \CredStore\cred-store.log 30677
    backup_manager.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\BackupManager\ \BackupManager\ \BackupManager\Logs


    archive_server.exe AMS User C:\Program Files\Acronis\ArchiveServer\ \ArchiveServer\ \ArchiveServer\Logs


    Acronis ZeroMQ Gateway Service Communication between Agents and management server zmqgw.exe Network service C:\Program Files\Acronis\ZmqGw N/A \ZmqGw 30333
    Acronis Cyber Protect Management Server Centralized management of Acronis Agents ManagementServer.exe AMS User C:\Program Files\Acronis\AMS\ \Acronis\AMS \Acronis\AMS\logs 9851
    Acronis Remote Agent Service *** Legacy service that provides connectivity between Acronis components agent.exe Local system C:\Program files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\Agent N/A N/A 9876
    Acronis Monitoring Service Provides the dashboard and reporting functionality. acronis_monitoring_service.exe Local system C:\Program Files\Acronis\MonitoringServer\ \MonitoringServer\am-database\metrics \MonitoringServer\Logs 30444
    Patch Management Service Manages patch installation acronis_patch_management.exe AMS user   \PatchManagement \PatchManagement\Logs  
    Acronis Agent Gateway Listens for incoming agent registrations agent-gateway.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\AgentGateway\ \AgentGateway\etc\ \AgentGateway\var\log\core\ 30680
    Acronis Agent Manager Manages registered Agent machines agent-manager.exe AMS user C:\Program Files\Acronis\AgentManager\ \AgentManager\ \AgentManager\Logs 30682
    ATP Alerts Feed Manager Crud Service Collects information about current threats  alerts-feed-manager-crud.exe AMS user   \AtpAlertsFeedManager \AtpAlertsFeedManager\Logs 30800
    ATP Alerts Feed Manager Ipn Service Collects information about current threats  alerts-feed-manager-ipn.exe AMS user   \AtpAlertsFeedManager \AtpAlertsFeedManager\Logs 30801
    ATP Data Protection Map Service Tracks unprotected files on machines with Agents atp-data-protection-map.exe AMS user   \AtpDataProtectionMap \AtpDataProtectionMap\Logs  
    Acronis Alert Manager Service Stores information about alerts bckp_amgr.exe AMS user   \AlertManager\ \AlertManager\Logs  
    Disk Health Monitoring Service Stores information about disk statuses from Agents disk_health_monitoring.exe AMS user   \DiskHealthMonitoring \DiskHealthMonitoring\Logs  
    Acronis GRPM ATP add-on Manages security policies grpm-atp-addon.exe AMS user   N/A \GrpmAtpAddon\Logs  
    Active Protection Manager Responsible for applying/revoking/editing of Active Protection Plans active_protection_manager.exe   C:\Program Files\Acronis\ActiveProtectionManager \ActiveProtectionManager \ActiveProtectionManager 31009
    Acronis Media Builder (not a service) Bootable media builder MediaBuilder.exe Local system C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\MediaBuilder \MediaBuilder N\A  
    Acronis Storage Node and Acronis Agent (on Acronis Storage Node machine) services
    Acronis Storage Node Service Manages operations in managed locations StorageServer.exe ASN User   \BackupAndRecovery\ASN\DmlDatabase \BackupAndRecovery\ASN\logs 9852, 9862, 9876
    Acronis Catalog Browser Service Displays data stored in all managed locations catalog_browser.exe Local system   N/A \CatalogBrowser\Logs 43240
    Elasticsearch 2.4.0 (elasticsearch-service-x64) Indexes backed up data and enables search elasticsearch-service-x64.exe Local system   \ElasticSearch\Data \ElasticSearch\Logs


    Acronis PXE Server services
    Acronis Remote Agent Service Legacy service that provided connectivity between Acronis components agent.exe Local system   N/A N/A 9876
    Acronis PXE Server Service Enables network booting into rescue environment over the subnet. pxesrv.exe Local system   N/A \PXEServer\Logs  
    Acronis File Server service Acronis files/images download service. fileserver.exe Local system   N/A \FileServer\Logs  

    * ARSM service uses additional ports for localhost connections. The port number is selected dynamically from standard pool of ports (1025 to 65535). The port allocations are temporary and only valid for the duration of the communication session

    ** This account is used if default settings were used during installation. See Customizing installation settings for more information.

    *** This service and corresponding process are available with Acronis Agent and Acronis Management Server if the product was updated from Acronis Cyber Protect 12.5 builds before 13400. If you did a clean install of Build 13400 or later then Acronis Remote Agent Service is only present if PXE server is installed.

    **** The dynamic ports are managed by the operating system and are assigned randomly. The default dynamic port range in Windows is 49152 – 65535. This range may vary according to the operating system and can be changed manually. You can find more details here.