65644: Acronis Cyber Protect: file_protector.sys or file_tracker.sys consumes a lot of RAM

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Last update: 18-04-2022


file_protector.sys, file_tracker.sys or another driver consumes nonpaged memory pool until the computer eventually becomes unresponsive.


The issue typically occurs if there are many files from non-trusted software that are being monitored by Acronis Active Protection and Antimalware Protection. In this case, resources are used by the heuristic analysis.


  • If you have trusted applications or custom scripts without valid signature, add them to Exclusions,
  • Update Acronis Agent to the latest build available,
  • If the issue reproduces with the latest build, collect the following information:
  1. Output of the Memory Pool Monitor (PoolMon), command poolmon -b -p -r -n <filename>.log
  2. Acronis system report

    and contact Acronis support.

    Instead of PoolMon, you can also collect an output of Windows Performance Monitor or another similar tool.