65617: Acronis True Image 2021: Encrypted tib backups to Acronis Cloud fail with error message "Cloud is full"

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Last update: 27-08-2020


Backup to Acronis Cloud fails with error message "Cloud is full".

All of the below listed conditions must be true:

  1. Used product: Acronis True Image 2021, build 30290 (Windows version), or build 30220 (Mac version).
  2. Backup destination: Acronis Cloud
  3. Backup is encrypted in backup options (Windows, Mac)
  4. Backup uses tib format, not tibx. Click here for instructions how to check.
  5. Backup error message says "Cloud is full", despite there is free space in Acronis Cloud, as shown under "Account" tab in the product, on the "Backup" tab or at https://www.acronis.com/my/online-backup/webrestore/


Known issue with Acronis True Image 2021, build 30290 (Windows version), or build 30220 (Mac version).

The issue affects the client software application only. The backup itself in Acronis Cloud is not affected, it remains healthy and can be restored.


This issue has been fixed in Build 30480. The software will prompt to update, even if closed. You won't miss the update with the fix.  Please accept the prompt and let it update.

If you kept the failing backup and did not delete it, then it will start working without any additional intervention from your part.