65613: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Periodical "Node is offline" alerts appear for all cluster nodes without storage services interruptions

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Last update: 02-12-2021


The following behavior is observed in Acronis Cyber Infrastructure (ACI) cluster:

1. Alerts "Node is offline" suddenly appear for all nodes in a cluster for a short period of time. During this time, status of the Storage is displayed as 'Unavailable' per WebCP dashboard.

2. Cluster is displayed as 'Healthy' when checking status of the cluster via CLI.

3. No any real interruptions of storage services are noticed while these alerts appear.

4. Cluster version is below 4.6.2-10.


Issue in the product in conditions of vstorage-ui-backend.service uptime for more than several months.


The behavior is significantly optimized in scope of ACI 4.6.2-10, to avoid facing issues in future it is required to Update cluster to the latest available version.

As a temporal workaround it is possible to restart the following service on the cluster Management Node:

 # systemctl restart vstorage-ui-backend

More information

If the issue still persists right after applied workaround or big amount of such false alerts is observed with ACI 4.6.2-10 or further versions - contact Acronis support for assistance.