65564: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: How to Change UEFI bootable media locale

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Last update: 17-02-2021


You created a bootable media according to the guidelines

You start booting up a UEFI system and there is no option to select a language of the interface.

You try to switch the keyboard layout by pressing Ctrl-Shift and it is not changing. The default EN-US locale is used. 


The UEFI x64 loader does not provide the language selection on the screen before the bootable media loads the GUI as compared to non-UEFI version.


1. When you start the UEFI bootable media, press 'e' on the keyboard once you see the black screen with kernel parameters setup.

2. At this moment, type the below parameter:
lang=<preferred language>
where <preferred language> is the language identifier for your preferred language

Language Language Identifier
English en
Czech cs
Danish da
German de
Spanish - Spain (Traditional) es_ES
French fr
Korean ko
Italian it
Hungarian hu
Dutch nl
Japanese ja
Polish pl
Portuguese - Portugal pt
Portuguese - Brazil pt_BR
Russian ru
Turkish tr
Chinese - China zh
Chinese - Taiwan zh_TW

3. Press Enter to proceed with booting up the media. 

4. The bootable media will now be showing the default language as the one you specified in kernel parameters.

You can now switch from the default language to EN-US by by pressing Ctrl-Shift.