65553: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Protect: Backup fails with "Failed to open the backup location. Windows error: (0x80070002) The system cannot find the file specified"

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Operating Systems: 

Last update: 07-06-2023


Backup, replication or another activity fails with:

The path <path> does not exist.

For example: The path "F:/" does not exist.

Or, in older builds:

Windows error: (0x80070002) The system cannot find the file specified


Acronis Agent cannot find backup archive located on target location.

Location in question can be found in "path" line in the error message or in error details:

| error 0x40002e: Failed to open the backup location.
| line: 0x3f26773fab7bdac6
| file: e:\363\enterprise\backup\places2\impl\dir_place.cpp:543
| function: Places::DirPlace::MakeDir
| path: Z:/Backup/
| user: 
| $module: disk_bundle_vs_12960


1. In most cases this error occurs when the backup destination is a Windows mapped drive. Note that backups to mounted network drives in Windows are not supported. See Acronis backup software: Windows mapped network drives are not supported

If backup destination is a mapped network drive, edit the backup plan and specify the backup destination as UNC path to the network share: \\ServerName\Sharename\ or \\<ip_address>\Sharename\

2. In case the backup destination is not a mapped drive, make sure that backup location is accessible from the affected Agent machine:

  • If backup destination is an internal or external hard drive, make sure the drive letter matches the path specified in the backup plan.
  • If backup destination is an external hard drive, make sure it is plugged in and that it can be accessed by OS, e.g. it can be browsed via Windows Explorer.

3. Check the target disk for errors. You can Windows native Check Disk utility or diagnostic tools provided by your hardware manufacturer.


4. If it is not the mapped drive and if you are using a NAS device, make sure the users involved have been granted all the necessary rights:

  • Under which user you start an agent (Acronis Managed Machine Service)? Is it Local System user? If Managed Machine Service is started under a different user, make sure this user has the required user rights: see Required managed machine service user rights
  • Which users have access to the folder on NAS or to the fileshare? With which credentials are you adding the location to Acronis console - is it the user, mentioned in the NAS access rights pane? To check this, navigate to the NAS console and check the folder properties. If you have specified that the Domain Admins have read/write access to it, does the selected user belong to the said group?
  • If the source machine belongs there and if you are using the domain credentials, make sure that NAS is added to domain as well.

Collect information

If the suggested steps did not help resolve the issue, collect the following diagnostic information and contact Acronis Support:

  1. Collect Process Monitor log while reproducing the issue
  2. Create a system report of the affected machine
  3. If backup destination is on NAS, collect NAS logs that show what users have logged into the console: please consult manufacturer's documentation for logs location, as they are different depending on the NAS