65462: Acronis True Image 2021: comparison of feature set in Windows and macOS

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Last update: 26-10-2020

The table below summarize similarities and differences between feature set in Acronis True Image 2021 in Windows and in macOS.

Feature/Option  Acronis True Image on Windows  Acronis True Image on MacOS 
Entire machine backup YES YES
Disk-level backup YES YES
File-level backup YES YES
Entire machine restore YES (backups of Windows computers) YES (backups of Macs)
Disk-level restore YES (backups of Windows computers) YES (backups of Macs)
File-level restore YES (backups of Windows computers) YES (backups of Macs)
Browsing archive content YES YES
Backup to Cloud YES YES
Backup to a USB drive YES YES
Backup to a network share  YES YES
Backup to ftp YES NO
Backup to CD YES NO
Backup to Acronis Secure Zone  YES NO
Full backup type YES YES
Differential backup type YES NO
Incremental backup type YES YES*
Incremental recovery** YES YES
Backup scheduling YES YES
Backup validation YES NO
Archive cleanup by time YES YES
Archive cleanup by number of backups YES YES
Backup exclusions YES YES
Archive encryption YES YES
Dual protection: automatic replication of backup to the Cloud Storage YES YES
Data center selection YES YES
Data upload speed customization YES YES
Email notifications about backup status YES YES
Tray Notification Center YES YES
Acronis Nonstop backup YES NO
Acronis Universal Restore YES NO
Archiving YES YES
Online Dashboard YES YES
Enhanced Active Protection YES YES
Antivirus scan YES YES
Acronis self-protection
('Protect all Acronis True Image files from ransomware' option)
Web filtering YES NO
Data synchronization  YES NO
Disk cloning(Active) YES YES
Disk cloning(under bootable media) YES NO
Drive Cleanser YES NO
Try&Decide YES NO
Acronis Startup Recovery Manager YES NO
Convert a .tib file to a Windows backup (.vhd(x) file) YES NO
Import and export backup settings YES NO
Mobile backup to a folder on your computer YES YES
Add an existing backup to the backup list YES YES 
Clean up backup versions tool YES NO
Acronis Survival Kit YES YES
Battery saver YES YES
Dark Mode support NO YES

* - Mac users: the first backup is always full, all the subsequent are incrementals.

** - Applies to recovery from Acronis Cloud backups to the original data location using the software interface (not through a web browser). Click here (Windows) or here (Mac) for more information.