65442: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Recovery on Mac fails with "Rescue Media Builder is required to complete this action"

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Last update: 30-04-2021


You have a Mac machine with APFS volumes (dynamic). You created an entire machine backup and want to recover from this backup.

Recovery fails with:

| Error 0x1350016: TOL: Failed to execute the command.
| Line: 0x8d165e86fb81959e
| File: /Users/hudson_agent/bs_hudson/workspace/ABR-acp9.0-agents-mac-installers/293/product/enterprise/common/tol/command/command.cpp:464
| Function: MakeFailResult
| CommandID: CC28F476-82DA-4067-BF92-8A7D728E01A0
| $ module: mms_macia64_22750
| Error 0xcf0003: Rescue Media Builder is required to complete this action. Install the program using the Acronis Cyber Backup installation file and then try again.
| Line: 0xf082bb5d7b87c7ce
| File: /Users/hudson_agent/bs_hudson/workspace/ABR-acp9.0-agents-mac-installers/293/product/enterprise/disk_manager/daapi1/bootmedia_activator_live.cpp:141
| Function: GetBootAgentConfiguration
| $ module: disk_bundle_macia64_22750


APFS (dynamic) volumes cannot be recovered in disk mode.


Use volume recovery instead.