65434: Acronis Monitoring Service End of Life

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Last update: 30-09-2020

For years, the Acronis Monitoring Service provided full-stack monitoring for servers and virtual machines. As a leader in the field of cyber protection, however, we recognize that simply monitoring the status of the systems is not enough to protect them. Since Acronis’ mission is to deliver the most advanced, comprehensive cyber protection solutions to our users and partners, we have determined that the Acronis Monitoring Service no longer in line with our mission. 

Acronis Monitoring Service reached End-of-Life status effective September 30, 2020. 

We recommend you consider our other solutions like Acronis Cyber Protect to deliver complete cyber protection to your whole infrastructure. 

Please be informed that the automatic renewal of the existing subscriptions will be deactivated. If you have recently acquired a paid license to Acronis Monitoring Service, you will be contacted by Acronis Support before September 30, 2020.