65381: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Troubleshooting "Cyber Protection (or Active Protection) service is not responding" and "Active Protection service is not running" alerts

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Last update: 05-12-2022


You receive the following alert:

Cyber Protection (or Active Protection) service is not responding


Active Protection service is not running


Alert is raised when Acronis Active Protection service or Acronis Cyber Protection service has been enabled for this machine, but is not started or does not respond.


1. Make sure that OS is supported by Cyber Protection features: see Supported Cyber Protect features by operating system

If OS is not supported, and features aren't enabled in Cyber Protection console, but the alert is still being raised, collect system report from the machine that generates the alert and contact Acronis support.

2. Check if Acronis Active Protection Service and Acronis Cyber Protection Service are running


Acronis Cyber Protection Service should start if the module (Antivirus & Antimalware protection) is enabled in the protection plan which will trigger the installation of the component. A manual start/ stop of the service is not supported.


3. Check logs on the machine for possible crashes