65373: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: How to change log rotation settings

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Last update: Wed, 2020-08-05 09:35


This article explains how to change maximum size and maximum number of stored logs for product services on the Agent machine. This may be useful if logs take too much space, or in case you need to keep logs for longer than usual.


  1. On the machine with Agent, open mms.config file for editing.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: C:\Program Files\BackupClient\BackupAndRecovery\mms.config

Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: C:\Program Files\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\mms.config

2. In the logging part of the file, find the service(s) that you want to adjust logging for and modify the following parameters:

  • maxfiles - number of log files to keep
  • maxsize - maximal log size in bytes

Example: default settings for alerts.log are maxfiles="30", maxsize="1073741824"

New settings:

3. Save changes to the file

4. Restart Acronis Managed Machine service (MMS).