65294: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Azure deployment failure troubleshooting

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Last update: 02-03-2022


Backup Gateway on Microsoft Azure to store backups in the Azure cloud is being deployed per Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Backup Gateway Quick Start Guide for Microsoft Azure.

This troubleshooting guide is applicable in cases when deployment failed on the InitializeStorage step:

Example error:

"status": "Failed", "error": { "code": "VMExtensionProvisioningError", "message": "The virtual machine reported an error processing the extension \" InitializeStorage \ ". Error message: \" Enable failed: failed to execute command: command terminated with exit status = 1 \ n [stdout] \ n \ n [stderr] \ n \ "\ r \ n \ r \ nFor more troubleshooting information, see https://aka.ms/VMExtensionCSELinuxTroubleshoot." }


Follow these steps to troubleshoot failed deployment:

1. Open ports 22 (SSH) and 8888 (WebCP) for deployed Azure VM:

2. Log in to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Management Panel (WebCP) on port 8888 using the domain name, admin user and specified during VM deployment, for example:

3. Log in to Azure VM via SSH on port 22 using the User name and Password or SSH public key (if was selected) specified during deployment.

4. Follow to Troubleshooting part to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.


Check deployment log /var/log/initializing on the VM, the latest messages indicate the step on which initialization failed, for example:

[abgw-admin@test-abgw-azure ~]$ less /var/log/initializing

Error examples

User is not allowed to register/unregister storages

[2020-11-18T15:31:45+0000]: Registering this instance as storage in cloud...
user 'XXX' is not allowed to register/unregister storages
Error details provided by PlatformAccountServer:
Offering items required for infra component registration are not available, needed caps: 1, available caps: 4.

Possible cause

  • Partner-owned backup storage offering item is not enabled for partner tenant by an upper-level administrator.
  • Deployment was performed with user of Customer tenant instead of Partner one.
  • Deployment was performed with non-administrator user of Partner tenant.


Ensure that Partner-owned backup storage offering item is enabled for a Partner tenant by an upper-level administrator, and perform the deployment from the scratch providing the credentials of your admin partner account in Acronis Backup Cloud.

Failed to get list of nodes: the backend is not initialized properly yet

[2021-09-02T09:22:27+0000]: Wait for backend initializing...
[2021-09-02T09:36:06+0000]: Failed to get list of nodes: the backend is not initialized properly yet

Possible cause

Known software-related issue in Acronis Backup Gateway template for Azure - Management Panel password specified during the deployment contained special characters (like &^`$) or/and whitespaces.


Perform the deployment from the scratch with Management Panel password not containing special characters or/and whitespaces.

Invalid username/password

[2020-07-08T19:21:41+0000]: Registering this instance as storage in cloud...
invalid username/password

Possible cause

Incorrect password for Account was specified during the deployment on Acronis Backup Cloud settings pane or Two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled for Account, refer to the 65089: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: registration of Backup Gateway under user with two-factor authentication fails.


Perform deployment from the scratch ensuring that password for partner account is correct and 2FA is disabled for it.

Collect information

In case if aforementioned information did not help to resolve the deployment issue, contact Acronis support for assistance providing the following information:

  • applied solutions;

  • access details for deployed Azure VM (credentials specified during deployment);

  • log /var/log/initializing from Azure VM.