65200: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Files on the NFS are detected as binary or empty files and cannot be read

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You are using Acronis Cyber Infrastructure with an NFS cluster.

Files on the NFS shares are detected as binary or empty files and cannot be read on some nodes.


pNFS is enabled and does not work properly.


On all nodes running NFS service, disable pNFS:

  1. Open /etc/ganesha/ganesha.conf for editing.
  2. Add this block:
    OSTOR {
          pnfs_mds = false;
  3. Restart service:
    systemctl restart vstorage-nfs.service

Alternatively, you can mount an export using NFS version 4:

  1. Check current configuration:
    # cat /etc/fstab 

    Example output:    /mnt  nfs      defaults        0 0

  2. If it is configured in fstab, edit the file to change defaults options to vers=4.0, or add 4.0 to other options listed.
    Example result:  /mnt/  nfs      vers=4.0        0 0
  3. If it is not configured in fstab, unmount NFS (using the umount command) and mount it as described in the user guide: Mounting NFS Exports on Linux.