65174: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Impossible to update cluster due to missing 'Install' button

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1. On multi-node Acronis Cyber Infrastructure cluster after downloading updates via WebCP > Settings > Updates > Download there is no Install button:

2. Manual check of update status via CLI shows that one of the nodes has status uptodate while another ones are in download_completed status:

[root@node01 ~]# vinfra software-updates status | egrep 'host:|status'
|                           |   host: node01.vstoragedomain            |
|                           |   status: download_completed             |
|                           |   host: node02.vstoragedomain            |
|                           |   status: download_completed             |
|                           |   host: node03.vstoragedomain            |
|                           |   status: download_completed             |
|                           |   host: node04.vstoragedomain            |
|                           |   status: uptodate                       |
| status                    | available                                |

3. Node with uptodate status was recently installed from the scratch and added to the cluster having the latest available version installed, 3.5.4 (24) in this example:

[root@node04 ~]# cat /etc/hci-release
Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.5.4 (24)


Issue in the product.

'Install' button is missing because cluster actually is already up-to-date (each node shows up-to-date version in “# cat /etc/hci-release”), however WebCP shows old version for some nodes and offers ‘download’ update instead of showing ‘up-to-date’. It may happen in some situations, for example, when update is performed manually in console without using ‘vinfra’ tool. The issue is not critical for cluster functionality.


The issue will be permanently fixed in scope of ACI 4.0 version.

As a workaround, it is possible to start cluster update manually via CLI:

[root@node01 ~]# vinfra software-updates start