65163: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Recovery of a private channel fails with "Cannot create private channel, user is not part of team"

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Last update: 30-04-2021


You have protected a Microsoft Teams team with a private channel.

Now you restore the team and the channel into another team. Recovery of the private channel fails with:

Failed to recover channel '<chanel>': 'ms graph error httpStatus: 404, code: NotFound, message: CreateChannel_Private: Cannot create private channel, user <userID> is not part of team <teamID>.


During restore of the team, source team members have been restored into the target team. Some time (up to several hours) is required for Microsoft Teams API to process the changes and recognize restored team members.


Before restoring the private channel, do one of the following:

  • wait several hours for Microsoft Teams API to synchronize the team members; the private channel can be successfully recovered once Teams API can detect team members
  • merge team members manually within Microsoft Teams UI:
    1. In Microsoft Teams, select the target team (team where you want to restore the private channel)
    2. Click the elypsis (...) icon and select Manage team.
    3. Click Add team members.
    4. Specify the team members of the private channel you want to restore and click Add.

once the team members are added into the target team, the private channel can be successfully recovered.

Re-attempt recovery of the private channel.