65158: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: False "Backup did not start" alert on Linux agent after update to build 21780 and higher

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Operating Systems: 


You updated a Linux agent to v9.0 (build 21780 and higher) from an earlier version.

Scheduled backups are running properly. 

Alert "Backup did not start" appears in console despite properly running backups.


Issue in the product. 

The issue is caused by the differences in behavior for version 8.0 scheduling and transfer of the records to the 9.0 scheduler service in Linux.

This issue will be fixed in future versions of the product.


As a workaround, re-deploy the plan on the Agent to have the local records updated properly: 

  • Revoke the protection plan from the affected Agent (do not delete it)
  • Re-add the plan to the same Agent