65000: Acronis Cyber Cloud: How to change the DNS name or IP address used to register Backup Gateway

Last update: 17-02-2021

If your Backup Gateway is registered under a DNS name and you want to change the DNS name, do as follows:

  1. Configure new DNS records using a new DNS name and taking the old ones as an example.
  2. Re-register Backup Gateway under the new DNS name executing the following command on one of the storage nodes:
    # vstorage-abgw-register change-dns -a <new_DNS_name>
    The command will ask to provide the password of the partner account in Acronis Cyber Cloud, where the storage is registered.

After re-registration, Backup Gateway will also change the storage DNS name in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud/Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud for the existing location.

If you have a one-node Backup Gateway cluster that is registered under an IP address, you can change this IP address using the instruction above but specifying a new IP address instead of a new DNS name.