64971: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: If one backup per tape is required, use "Overwrite a tape in standalone tape drive" option

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  1. You run backups to tape drive.
  2. Data to backup is enough to fit one backup to one tape, e.g. 3 GB of data and 5GB tape
  3. You set up cleanup rules to keep 1 backup and run cleanup rules before backup:

  4. If the tape contains an earlier backup, backup operation fails with an error similar to:

    Cannot find a free media in '<tape device>' in pool 'Acronis' and with tape set ''. Insert a free media to '<tape device>' to continue backup and click 'Retry' or click 'Cancel' to break the operation.


Specifics of product implementation. With the specified retention rules configuration, backup already on tape is marked for deletion, and remaining space is not sufficient for creating a new backup. 


If you need to keep only 1 full backup on the tape, instead of using cleanup rules, go to Backup options -> Tape Management and check Overwrite a tape in the stand-alone tape drive when creating a full backup