64905: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Install patches icon is replaced with a question mark for a detected vulnerability

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Last update: 14-05-2021


You have enabled vulnerability assessment and see a list of detected vulnerabilities. Patch installation is not available (instead of the Install patches icon you see a question mark ? icon) for some of the detected vulnerabilities:


The Install patches option is not available when there are no available patches yet.

The list of vulnerabilities shows both vulnerabilities that have patches to be installed and those that do not have suggested patches yet. You can use the filter to show only vulnerabilities with patches:


Once the patch becomes available, the Install patches icon becomes active for this vulnerability.

Meanwhile you might want to asses the potential effect of this vulnerability on your environment (look for vulnerability description and remediation on National Vulnerability Database site https://nvd.nist.gov/ or software vendor’s website) and consider these options when evaluating further use of the affected product as dangerous:

  • you might want to disable the vulnerable functionality within the operating system, application or device
  • you might want to restrict or block access to the vulnerable service using firewalls or other controls